Job Board – A Great Tool For Job Seekers

Years ago, the thought of having my very own job board on the internet was just a dream, a mere figment of my imagination, a device that belonged to others and in all honesty, I wasn’t really good enough to have one. Well, all that has now changed and I have now become a member of “the elite”.

The whole process started when I bought some job board software. This isn’t the only option as you could try one of the site that offers job board rental, i.e. they provide the software and host the website for a monthly fee. purpose not a job

My next step in the process was to decide which se ctor I was going to try out. All the job board techies on the internet advocated that beginners on a limited budget should stick to niche markets, so I used the Google keyword tool to research key search phrases and to choose which was best for me. From the selected key phrase, I picked a domain name with this key phrase in mind, i.e. as far as possible, I tried to include the key phrase in the domain name. It was at this point that a dilemma arose as I had the choice of a short, punchy domain that would be good for marketing purposes, or a longer domain name that would suit the search engines. In the end, I went for the short domain, as I wanted it to distinctive and memorable, but the choice is yours.


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