The 4 Panel Room Divider: Stylish Solution

A 4 panel room divider can serve a functional and decorative purpose at the same time. It serves as partitions for a room that has to be divided in sections. Curtains, screens, shelves, and cabinets can be used as partitions but a room divider is the best option to clearly define the division of the room. Paneled room dividers are also very convenient because they are portable. The dividers can also serve as accent pieces in a bland room or as complementary pieces in an already decorated room. They come in many different designs and materials. Some are made of wood while others are made of metal.

Dividers are classified according to the number of panels they have. There are 2 panel dividers, 3 panel dividers, 4 panel dividers, and it can even be as many as 7. A 4 panel room divider is a popular type of divider since it is enough to divide sections of an average-size room. There are many designs to choose from in stores. The style is all dependent on the user’s taste. posters barnrum

Those who love to bask in history can choose a 4 panel room divider made out of wood with an antique finish. Wood can be painted in any color but the divider should preferably be painted in neutral and elegant colors to retain the old world feel of the panels. If the owner insists on choosing vibrant colors, the color should be on the deep side. For instance, if the owner likes red, the shade should be close to wine and burgundy. Antique pieces are normally gold so the hinge of the panels should be gold as well. Details of the panel should be similar to the intricate, complex designs found in antique furniture. For a whimsical touch, the screen – if there is any on the panel – can be designed into a yellow-stained paper to mimic the maps of the historical conquerors.

People with more than 1 child may need a divider to give each one ample privacy. Children have high energy levels and like to store a lot of things such as toys, books, and other little trinkets they find in their discoveries. A modified panel room divider is suitable for a children’s room. The panels can be constructed as little storage areas so they can become bookshelves. The added weight of the divider can prevent children from knocking it down while running around and the look of improvised bookshelf will remind them of pre-school.

There are so many possible design ideas for a 4 panel room divider. Installing dividers is definitely an affordable and creative way to spruce up a room.


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