The Growing Philippine Tourism in Bohol

The Philippine tourism is enjoying an expanse growth as more places in the country are developing to become main tourist attractions among the local and foreign travelers alike. The Philippines is a culturally and historically rich nation and takes pride of its major attractions on nature, beaches, and historical landmarks.

The Philippine Tourist Attractions in Bohol

The Philippines is endowed with white beaches with crystal, clear and clean water that are a major attraction in different archipelagos of the country. Philippines beaches offer a tranquil respite to those who wants to enjoy a relaxed getaway closer to nature. The White beach in Boracay Island has been the center of the Philippine’s tourism with thousands of tourist visits each year. The Island of Boracay is crawling with visitors from foreign to local tourists every month.

Palawan beaches also created a distinctive beauty and attraction for being less commercialize with more preserved natural beauty to boast. Divers usually visit the place because of its known hot dive spots. Cebu beaches also provide glorious and tranquil beaches to adore. best attraction Sentosa singapore 

One of the astonishing growths in the Philippine tourism is evident in Bohol. Known for its richness in cultural heritage, Bohol has its own line of tourist attractions. It has become one of the most visited places in the Visayan provinces of the Philippines. The Philippine’s Department of Tourism is promoting Bohol for its land history and natural beauty.

There are different places to visit in Bohol each with distinctive beauty and thrill. Bohol beaches are also scattered throughout the oval shape island of Bohol. It has small islets and offshore and among the popular is Panglao Island, famed for its unpolluted, clean beach waters. There are also a number of resorts in Panglao Island to accommodate the growing numbers of tourists visiting the island.

The Loboc River Cruise is becoming popular too. It is a boat ride tour along the Loboc River on a motorized floating restaurant boat with a 45-minute ride along the cool vegetations of the river. There will be a brief stop over to the Busai Falls. A seafood feast is served during the cruise.

A common stop over during a land trip cruise in the island is at the Blood Compact Site. It is the landmark where the blood compact between the Filipinos and Spaniards transpired. Another famous place to visit in Bohol is the Chocolate Hills. These are mounds of hills that look like chocolate hence the name Chocolate hills. It also offers a panoramic view to enjoy watching. Two of the highest hills have resorts to provide accommodations to the visiting tourists in the area.

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