Want a Safe, Healthy Dog Food You Can Trust?

If the current dog food recall has you scurrying about for a safe and healthy dog food for your pooch, look no more. A variety of resources exist to help you select and even prepare a dog food diet that you can trust for your dog. Here’s a few examples.

Davis Veterinary Medical Consulting via BalanceIT offers dog owners the ability to custom design safe dog food recipes by making menu selections much like in a restaurant. They offer ethnic recipes, traditional recipes, and even seasonal options.

An example of some of the healthy dog food menu options includes chicken breast, ground beef, pork, lamb, and salmon.

You’ll make a selection of your preferred meat protein and couple it with your choice of egg, cottage cheese, tofu, rice, potato, sweet potato, spaghetti, oats, barley, couscous and tapioca.

Once you make your menu selection, they will make a custom recipe for your dog that is a healthy and safe dog food without all of the fillers and problems associated with commercial dog food. Certainly a better option than trusting the health of your dog to commercial dog food, which continues to be suspect with new brands being recalled almost daily.

The cost for these recipes is not cheap, it’s $20 for 1 recipe. If you order several, the price becomes more affordable.

If this still seems a bit pricey to you, there is another option.

The author of “Real Dogs Don’t Eat Kibble” suggests that heat used to cook commercial dog food destroys important nutrients that dogs need for immune system support. This contradicts the premise of cooked recipes but is touted by many dog nutritionists as the best option for your dog. localĀ resturantsĀ in nigeria

The author suggests a home made raw dog food diet to maximize the delivery level of nutrients. The book states that it is easy to do and an improvement in your dog’s health can be detected in just a matter of days.

The challenge for many is how to design a healthy dog food recipe. The book includes a variety of dog food recipes and tips, if a raw, natural diet, is your choice for your dog.

Ultimately, the choice between a raw and cooked dog food diet is up to you. The key is to make sure that only healthy, natural ingredients are included in your best friend’s food. Anything less will contribute to potential health hazards, illness and a shortened life span.

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